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The installation of the chimney fan is estimated to take an average of 15 minutes, when installed on a brick chimney or a steel chimney. The installation time does not include: setting up ladder, lifting fan to the top of the chimney, cutting back flue tile etc. Only the installation of fiber mat, mounting brackets, steel chimney adaptor, safety wire, and junction box is included. Open the carton and remove all packing materials. The standard chimney fan package includes: chimney fan w. bird screen, 3-4 ft cable in conduit, weatherproof junction box (not shown), fiber mat, safety wire with anchor, Installation brackets (set of 4), motor speed control (not shown), Installation Instructions and a Warranty Registration Card.

Make sure the axial vane turns without making noise or offering resistance. Also make sure it is in balance.

Installation on brick chimney.

The installation procedure is the same whether the flue is round or rectangular. If a clay tile flue liner is installed, it might stick up a few inches. Cut it back so it is flush with the chimney crown.


Prepare fan location

The installation procedure is the same whether the flue is round or square. If a clay tile flue liner is installed, it might stick up a few inches. Cut it back so it is flush with the chimney crown.

Measure the inside diameter of the flue, cut a corresponding hole in the fiber mat leaving a minimum distance of 3/4" to any side of the fiber mat.

The aluminum foil on the fiber mat must face upwards (against fan base).


Step 2:

Exhausto Chimney Fan...Installation

Preparation of fan

Locate the installation brackets in the grooves on the underside of the fan base using the bolts and nuts supplied, to secure the brackets. Note that the bolts shall be installed from the bottom side in the two inner holes.

Adjust the final position of the installation brackets ensuring that there is clearance between the brackets and the flue wall. If the brackets touch the flue wall, it is likely to create some noise from the vibration.


Step 3:

The chimney fan is now ready for installation on the top of the chimney. Place the fiber mat on the top of the chimney, with the aluminum facing upwards, and place the fan on the top of the mat.

Exhausto Chimney Fan...Installation

Exhausto Chimney Fan...Installation

Step 4:

Decide on the location of the bolt and wall plug (1). Drill a hole in the stack and secure the safety wire by the bolt and the wall plug. Take the safety wire through the hole in the fan base and return it to the free clamp of the wire. Tighten the safety wire slightly (2) and crimp the free clamp to provide secure anchoring for subsequent safe cleaning and service. Fit the liquid tight junction box (3) on the outside wall of the chimney stack, but make sure the conduit is 10-12" away from the fan outlet. Run the installation cable to the fan speed control/switch and the main electric supply.

Exhausto Chimney Fan...Installation Exhausto Chimney Fan...Installation

Caution: Under conditions with extremely strong winds constantly surrounding the top of the chimney, the chimney fan must be secured by steel wires or similar.

Chimney Fan Wiring



Special Applications.

1. High temperature applications.

If the fan is used for applications where the flue gas temperature exceeds 400F at the exit point, but does not exceed 650F, dilution bolts must be used. Typical situations are chimneys that are only 6-8' high. Dilution bolts will cause cool air to mix with the warm exhaust gas as they will lift the fan from the chimney and leave space so the cool air can get in.

The dilution bolts should be installed in the outer holes in the fan base. The dilution bolts should be adjusted in height, so the flue gas temperature does not exceed 400F when discharged through the fan. However, in order to minimize soot deposits make sure the temperatures is above 320F. When using dilution bolts the fans actual capacity decreases and you might need a stronger model. Fiber mat is not required when using dilution bolts.

2. The Flue is Bigger than the Fan Base.

If the flue size exceeds the size of the fan base, it is necessary to alter the top of the chimney by installing a support flange, made out of stainless steel, as shown.

The support flange must be secured and the hole in the center must be 12" in diameter.

Note: Using only one flue can cause problems with flow noise due to high velocities. Chimney fans operating in tandem should always be of the same size.

Exhausto Chimney Fan...Installation

3. The Flue Pipe is Higher than the Chimney.

In many cases, the chimney is designed so the liner or the chimney insert sticks several inches up over the chimney top. If it is a few inches, its recommended to install the chimney fan on the top, provided the pipe will give enough support for the fan. If theres insufficient support, the liner or the flue must be cut back, so it is flush with the top of the chimney and the chimney fan can be installed as described in the previous.

4. Two Flues Servicing One Fireplace

This solution is used by many designers when the fireplace opening is large, and the total flue opening must be larger than a standard pipe or liner. By installing two separate flues the builder has accomplished a total flue opening big enough for the fireplace opening. When sizing a chimney fan for this kind of application, there are two ways to go about it: One of the flues must be shut off or disconnected and the chimney fan installed on the open flue, or A chimney fan should be installed on each flue and operate in tandem.

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