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Enervex Chimney Fan
Controls & Accessories

FSC - Fan Speed Control

FSC Product Info PDF

FSC - Fan Speed Control

ENERVEX Fan Speed Control FSC is used in conjunction with all single-phased chimney fans. The fan speed control is specially engineered to provide variable speed control of split capacitor motors. The control is accomplished by reducing the line voltage to the motor thereby using only the energy required to maintain the desired volume of air flow (fan speed).

FSC5 - 5amp Speed Control

FSC8 - 8amp Speed Control

FSC5 is included with all RS fans

EW40 Wireless Control EW40 Wireless Control      Discontinued

With the EW 40 Wireless Control, you do not have to run a wire between the chimney fan and the appliance/fireplace, which eliminates any demolition or construction, saving time and money. The control features an automatic on/off function, which keeps the chimney working perfectly without any manual intervention. For safety purposes, the control also has an alarm that indicates when it’s time to refuel and a high temperature warning that could signal a chimney fire.

ADC150 Product Info PDF

ADC150 Installation PDF

ADC150 Fan Control

The ENERVEX ADC150 is a Modulating Fan Control used with up to 2 appliances to monitor and maintain a constant draft or pressure in a chimney or duct. The ADC150 can be used with models RS, RSHT, and GSV fans. It can control the fan speed directly or via a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD, sold seperately). The ADC150 is typically used to control the draft of a gas-fired, sealed fireplace or water heaters.

The ADC150 monitors the draft in a chimney system via a connection to a pressure transducer (XTP2) attached to the chimney, and maintains the draft by modulating the fan speed. It provides a 10-120V AC power to single phase fans and 0-10V DC control signal to control 3-phase fans via a variable  frequency drive.

ADC100 Fan Control

ADC100 Product Info PDF

ADC100 Installation PDF

ADC100 Fan Control

The ENERVEX ADC100 Fan Control is used to control draft in simple fireplace systems where modulation is not required. It controls the speed of the fan to maintain proper draft in the chimney. The control can be used with Models RS and GSV, and is typically used to control the draft of a gas-fired fireplace, furnace, stove, BBQ or pizza oven.

The ADC100 comes with an external PDS-1. The PDS is a NO/NC switch that ensures the pressure in the chimney is maintained at or above the internal setting of the switch.

The ADC100 operates a chimney fan at a set speed to create and maintain proper mechanical draft at the outlet of a heating appliance(s). The control provides a 10-120V AC signal to single phase fans, as well as a 0-10V DC signal that can be interpreted to control 3-phase fans by a variable frequency drive. 

Some of the control's features are:
Appliance safety interlock... Automatic reset... Manual and automatic fan speed setting... Integrated damper control function.

EFC211 Control

EFC211 Product Info PDF

EFC211 Installation PDF

EFC211 Control

Used with wood-fired heating appliances, the ENERVEX EFC 211 Fan Control features an audible and visual alarm. The EFC 211 control maintains the proper draft by controlling the proper speed of a chimney fan. The EFC 211 is designed for use with an ENERVEX Chimney Fans and is for indoor installation only. It is typically used with either a wood-fired fireplace or stove or a wood-fired pizza-oven in a restaurant kitchen.

The EFC 211 does not have any automatic on/off or provide speed modulation during normal operation.
The EFC 211 is an enhanced manual speed control with an audible and visual alarm to satisfy certain codes. 
Listed to UL378. 
Complies with NFPA211 Standard for Solid-fuel Chimneys and Fireplaces.


PDS-1 Proven Draft Switch

PDS1 Product Info PDF

PDS1 Installation PDF

PDS-1 Proven Draft Switch

The Proven Draft Switch (PDS1) is used for insufficient draft protection, so if an unsafe draft condition occurs – whether a mechanical or electrical failure – the switch will shut down the heating appliance. It is typically used with gas or oil fired appliances where it can be interlocked with the gas supply valve or the safety or control circuit of the appliance.

RSD - Dilution Bolts
RDS Product Info PDF


RSD - Dilution Bolts

The RSD Dilution Bolts are used to lift the fan above the chimney or the steel chimney adapter. The bolts are designed to obtain a vibration-free operation as well as to allow dilution air to enter the fan to cool off the flue gasses.

SCA - Steel Chimney Adapter
SCA Product Info PDF


SCA - Steel Chimney Adapter

The ENERVEX Steel Chimney Adapter is used when installing the RS chimney fan on the top of a single, double or triple wall steel chimney. The adapter is designed to slide into the steel chimney for a tight fit. The outer diameter of the collar is 1/8” smaller than the inner diameter of the steel chimney, and has a 5” deep collar.

ASCA Product Info PDF

ASCA - Air-cooled Steel Chimney Adapter

The ENERVEX Air-Cooled Steel Chimney Adapters are used specifically when installing a chimney fan on the top of a double-walled, air-cooled chimney.

The adapter is designed to slide into the chimney for a tight fit. The outer diameter of the collar is 1/8" smaller than the inner diameter of the chimney. The 5" collar eliminates the need to secure the adapter externally.


Enervex Damper System
For Gas ONLY

MFD Product Info PDF

MFD Installation PDF

MFD Mechanical Fireplace Damper

A chimney top mounted automated damper for use with gas fireplaces and model RS Chimney Fan. The MFD prevents excess heat from escaping through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. The ultra low profile MFD comes equipped with an actuator that is interlocked to the ADC 100 so it only opens when the fireplace is in use and draft is proven.

EcoDamper Info PDF

EcoDamper System

The EcoDamper System consists of the RS Chimney Fan, the Mechanical Fireplace Damper (MFD) and the ADC100 Control.

The environmentally friendly EcoDamper System is the first completely automated draft and damper mechanism designed for use with gas fireplaces. The EcoDamper System quietly manages a perfect draft and prevents excess heat from escaping through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. The EcoDamper System automatically closes the flue when the fireplace is turned off, which helps to keep energy costs down.

The system eliminates the need for glass doors, opening up many new design options while allowing for a larger view area of the fire and a more natural look. 

Quick Facts:

Low profile... Two year factory warranty... Eliminates the need for glass doors... Built to last
Conserves energy... Available in 8", 10", and 12" diameter... Please contact us for custom sizes



Exhausto / Enervex Fans... the ultimate draft solution.






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